New Equipment

Equipment from a range of manufacturers, specializing in Daikin and Goodman.

Buying equipment is never a fun process,  but at Toasty’s we try and make it as easy as possible. We offer brands that are engineered to the highest extent.  (These brands include Daikin and Goodman). For all major purchases we offer extended warranties and service plans to keep units up to par. Things to keep in mind when buying new products are: the warranty of the product, the  warranty set forth by the installation company, the quality of work , the efficiency of units, and lastly (but most importantly!) what you are comfortable with.

*Typical installation cost for a forced air furnace are between $2700USD and $7500USD

*Typical installation cost for an air conditioning system range between $2800USD and $10000USD

*Typical installation cost for a hot water tank, tank-less ranges between $850USD and $4800

*Prices listed are for general knowledge and are not to be taken as an estimate for exact pricing- call for a custom tailored quote to fit your needs.




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