Maintenance Agreements

Personalized maintenance plans to suit each home.

When it comes to heating and air conditioning equipment no one wants to see it fail. With proper maintenance and up-keep we can prevent those unwanted service calls.

We offer maintenance plans to suit each home.  Our service is simple- when you subscribe to a plan you will get two cleanings: one for the forced air furnace and one for the air conditioning system. Further benefits to having this plan include: 10% off of repair parts, a waiver of charges for after-hours service fees*, and priority service at your disposal with “Skip-the-line” (in which we book your maintenance call for you and any service call you make will be put at the top of our schedule).

Plans are as follows:

$178USD for a basic plan including basic maintenance,

$230USD for an extended maintenance plan including chemical coil cleanings, and 1 year extension on warranty on repairs made (parts only),

$399USD for a premium plan including all of the basic and extended with an addition of steam cleaning the forced air blower and 20% off of repairs at time of service.

*Discounted charge for service applies to any day after-hours except all major holidays.


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