Air Conditioning

Servicing Contactor Relays, Refrigerant, Compactors and more.

When the air conditioning breaks the first thing that comes to mind is, “how much will this cost?”  For service of forced air cooling equipment we have broken it down into two categories: light and heavy service.  Most repairs will fall under the light service category, which can be considered as: contactor relays, and refrigerant***, compactors (etc).  The second thing that comes to mind is, “what kind of warranty comes with this part? Can Toasty’s guarantee most parts for 1 year?*.  Lastly, everyone wonders if they should fix or replace?  When repairs exceed $500USD, we recommend (if your unit is over 10 years old) considering a no-obligation quote tailored to your home.
Note: When you receive a service call from our experts you will be quoted for parts and labor.
When you receive any service from Toasty’s we will inspect your air conditioner for any other issues that exist at no cost* to you.
*Guarantee will be set forth by professional of Toasty’s Heating & Cooling.  Depending on the age and condition of unit, all guarantees will be listed on purchase receipt.

**Prices listed are for general knowledge not to be taken as an estimate for exact pricing- call for a complete diagnosis of system with prices for your home.

*** Refrigerant can fall under Light or Heavy service depending on amount required to fill unit, unit must be filled at time of service if accepted repair. No partial fills on any refrigerant.

All employees of Toasty’s Heating & Cooling are licensed and  conform to EPA regulations and follow them to the furthest extent set forth by the agency for safe handling of refrigerants.

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