Heavy Heating

Including Heat exchangers, blower motors, solid state logic boards and more.

When heating systems fail, sometimes it’s not a small issue- some things can be costly and require special knowledge and time to address.  These issues we categorize as Heavy Heating service(s). Heavy service examples are as follows: Heat exchangers, blower motors, and solid state logic boards etc.  With all heavy repairs, we will take the utmost care and time to resolve your issue. Heavy repairs are guaranteed* in the same fashion as our light repairs. All heavy repairs will receive a safety inspection at no cost to you**.  As with light service, if the unit is over 10 years old (or in poor condition) we will recommend a no-obligation quote on a system tailored to your home.

*Guarantee will be set forth by a professional of Toasty’s Heating & Cooling- depending on age and condition of unit, all guarantees will be listed on purchase receipt.

**No cost for most inspections, if any extensive labor is required to perform inspection it will be discussed with customer at time of service

***Prices are listed for general knowledge and are not to be taken as an estimate for exact pricing call for a complete diagnosis of system with prices for your home.

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